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  • What is counselling?


    At Inspire Counselling we are trained professionals able to use a wide range of approaches to address specific problems, helping to make changes and foster wellbeing.

    The therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance to us, and key to effective and meaningful therapy. This is developed over time and is a crucial part of the process that allows you, the client to move towards an increased level of self-awareness and develop behaviours that will better serve you.

    It is with empathy and support that we help clients to see things a little more clearly, and possibly from a different view point, with the aim of overcoming personal challenges, and working towards positive changes.

    This collaborative work is done in a safe, caring, trusting, confidential and non-judgemental setting, and at the pace of the client.

    We are aware that no two people are alike, and experiences are unique, hence each client will receive therapy that is tailor-made and personalised to meet their needs.

    We believe in enabling the exploration of thoughts, feelings and behaviours by talking freely and openly.  Providing this opportunity helps to reduce confusion, encourage clients to make their own choices based on their values, and to act on them accordingly.


  • Counselling is not


    Personal counselling is not about telling clients what to do. Nor is it giving advice based on our perspectives or values.

    It doesn’t provide magic solutions.

    It is not judgemental.

    It is not prescriptive.

    We are not Psychologists or medical practitioners.


  • Why choose counselling?


    Because YOU matter.

    You will be assisted to appreciate life’s journey, no matter what problems you encounter, even when it’s uncomfortable, you can always gain fulfilment from living by your values & we can guide you through the process.

    In as little as 6 sessions you will be able to see progress and apply skills to help you deal with challenges & tap into potential that you may have not been even aware of.


  • What can you expect from Inspire Counselling?


    Someone to really listen and care about YOU.

    Therapy that’s tailor made for YOU.

    Opportunities to grow as a person and develop new & better skills for dealing with life’s problems.


    As members of the Australian Counselling Association we are bound by their guidelines and Code of Practice.  This assures our clients that they will receive effective and appropriate use of our skills for your benefit and safety.

    We are also committed to ongoing personal and professional development as well as supervision; this means that we continue to improve our ability to provide value to our clients by maximising our effectiveness, broadening & deepen our knowledge, skills & awareness.  This reflective practice helps to improve all aspects of our work and ensures that we stay current & relevant.



Our Mission


To inspire individuals, couples, families and communities to flourish past their perceived barriers


Our Vision


To support independence, strength and

encouragement for all people

Our Values


To honour dignity and respect, provide ethical consultation, integrity and




A person centred approach to

Grief & Loss, Everyday Issues & Problems, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Adolescent Challenges, Life Stage Transitions, Case Management, Sexuality, LGBTI, Disability and Group Work





Purpose of therapies


These are the different approaches counsellors use to relieve or heal client’s concerns.

They can all be effective in their own right, and work well when integrated to suit each person.  Many of these therapies are evidence-based and grounded in research; at Inspire Counselling we promote the use and awareness of the these approaches to our work for practicality, effectiveness and contribution to positive outcomes.



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Julieann Cowan

Angela Jansen


Julieann Cowan

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